Integrity in the use of ICT.

Connected: Year 7-8
Explore the concept of integrity as it relates to their own use of ICT.

Activity Ideas
  • Discuss reactions to age verification requirements on websites
  • Create a database or chart of games owned by class members and include censorship ratings



Suggested Lesson Plan

Stop Text Bully
This UK site by the children's charity Action for Children provides their top 10 tips to students in a downloadable poster and gives advice to parents. It describes the various forms of cyberbullying; texts, calls, photos, emails, chats, web and identity. A quiz is also available which could be adapted to suit your school or classroom. 
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This National Library of New Zealand service is designed to help students find useful, accurate online information. Online librarians help students work out the sort of information they need and then facilitate beginning safe searching with them.
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