Society and media influence on personal safety.

Safe: Year 9-10
Investigate the impact of societal and media influences on personal safety when using ICT and practice strategies to minimise subsequent risk.

Activity Ideas
  • Create a list of external (such as peer pressure) and internal influences which affect personal choices regarding a variety of online interactions
  • Identify a range of agencies which offer personal health and safety services to young people



Suggested Lesson Plan

Telecom NZ
The website for Telecom contains advertising and promotions of products and plans and also includes this link to information about mobile phone bullying and how to stop it.
Click Here (Page will open in a new window)
Bebo Help
This page on the Bebo site is a question and answer format dealing with some of the influences and choices for using the social networking site safely and successfully. Be aware! What impact does the flashing advertisement have?
Click Here (Page will open in a new window)

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