Identifying risks and using safe practices.

Safe: Year 3-4
Identify risks and use safe practices which help maintain both personal safety, and the safety of equipment when using ICT.

Activity Ideas
  • Draw lines to match potential risks with safe practices designed to minimise those risks
  • Design a nickname for use online and discuss whether it is ok to share this information with classmates



Suggested Lesson Plan

Hector's World Lesson Plan
Episode 2, 'Welcome to the Carnival' and the accompanying lesson for this age group, aim to develop children's awareness that not everyone they meet is trustworthy and to develop strategies for identifying those they can trust.
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Hector's World Lesson Plan

'The Info Gang' lesson is based on episode 4. It aims to teach children to identify the different feelings they may experience when dealing with someone untrustworthy. Students will understand that it is good to act on their feelings (intuition) in order to avoid or escape unsafe situations.

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