Maintaining personal safety when using ICT.

Safe: Year 0-2
Describe and use safe practices (including identifying people who can help), which maintain personal safety when using ICT.

Activity Ideas
  • Create and use a password to access class or school ICT resources. More able children could create a 'strong' password
  • Develop a list of people who can be accessed for help in the event of a cybersafety incident



Suggested Lesson Plan

Nettys World Games
This Australian resource reinforces five key safety messages through interactive online games. This link provides the games for younger children as a stand alone resource but teachers could find  related clip art, colouring in pages and other activities from the main website.
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Hector's World Lesson Plan
 Episode 2, 'Welcome to the Carnival' and the accompanying lesson for this age group, aims to teach children that not everyone they meet is automatically trustworthy and how to identify people who can help them keep safe.
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