Integrity in the use of ICT.

Connected: Year 7-8
Explore the concept of integrity as it relates to their own use of ICT.

Activity Ideas
  • Discuss reactions to age verification requirements on websites
  • Create a database or chart of games owned by class members and include censorship ratings



Suggested Lesson Plan

Boolify is a new search engine designed for primary and intermediate students. Results are filtered through Google's 'Safe Search STRICT' technology but perhaps more importantly it teaches the students how to refine their web search. This is done by illustrating the logic of their search. 
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Webquest for evaluating web sites
There is some overlap between media literacy skills and safe searching. Most students rely heavily on resources from the web for research but not all Web resources are created equal. This web quest was created by a high school librarian in Springfield and provides the process and a rubric for evaluation which could be useful.
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