Action which enhances cybercitizenship.

Responsible: Year 11-13
Advocate for individual and collective action which enhances cybercitizenship.

Activity Ideas
  •  Write to politicians or producers of ICT equipment, software or services with suggestions for initiatives which enhance cybercitizenship
  • Conduct research which compares and evaluates cybersafety guidelines from a range of sources and follow up with suggestions for any found inadequate



Suggested Lesson Plan

This video trailer comes from a US site and shows a mobile recording studio which visits schools and teaches students about rights and responsibilities with music. 
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The Boy Bands Have Won
This album by Chumbawumba contains a song called 'Add Me'. This link takes you to the lyrics of the song posted on the band's website and the opportunity to read and listen. It is an example of how a combination of music, humour and shock tactics can be used to spread a message of internet safety.
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