Encouraging cybersafety with peers and family.

Responsible: Year 5-6
Research current cybersafety guidelines and practices which are relevant to their own use of ICT and take action to promote cybersafety to their peers and family.

Activity Ideas
  • Examine the school cybersafety use agreements and provide feedback to the school cybersafety team
  • Create a role play which addresses a cybercitizenship issue
  • Look for commonalities between terms and conditions from favourite websites



Suggested Lesson Plan

Hector's World Lesson Plan
Episode 1, 'Online Privacy'. The accompanying lesson for this age group develops children's knowledge of what personal information consists of, how websites collect it, and what they might use that personal information for.
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Hector's World Lesson Plan
This set of lesson plans is based on 'Heroes', episode 5 of the Hector's World series. This lesson encourages students to identify key people in their lives they can turn to for support if they come across something unsafe or upsetting online.
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